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Uncovering Calligraphy: Learning the Traditional and Modern Art of Handwriting

Tom Gourdie's wiki: Tom Gourdie MBE, DA, FSSI (18 May – 6 January ) was a prominent Scottish calligrapher, artist and teacher. He also was the author of several books, mainly on subject matter related to calligraphy.[2]Early life and.

A specimen of Lord Cholmondeley's handwriting inbefore learning the Italic hand. Jan 01,  · This book has a very interesting approach to improving handwriting - basing it on the shapes you make when you "scribble".

My handwriting leaves a LOT to be desired, so I am hoping to find some time to do the exercises in this book and see if I can make an improvement/5.

Italic Handwriting [Tom Gourdie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discusses pens, papers, and inks, demonstrates the correct strokes for writing the Italic alphabet, and provides examples of Italic calligraphy and pen exercisesAuthor: Tom Gourdie. Italic handwriting (A Studio book) [Tom Gourdie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Discusses pens, papers, and inks, demonstrates the correct strokes for writing the Italic alphabet, and provides examples of Italic calligraphy and pen exercises.

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