Lead styphnate sythesis

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Lead styphnate

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Lead styphnate synthesis

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Styphnic Acid is a dibasic acid which forms into hexagonal yellow crystals from dilute acid, but becomes almost colorless on vacuum sublimation. It becomes deep yellow on contact with air. Anhydrous, it melts at C. styphnate with safer chemicals that do not contain toxic heavy metals.

Virtually all commercially available primers today use either lead styphnate or lead azide as the primary explosive. Lead styphnate is known in various polymorphs, hydrates, and basic salts.

Normal lead styphnate monohydrate, monobasic lead styphnate, tribasic lead styphnate dihydrate, and pentabasic lead styphnate dehydrate as well as α, β polymorphs of lead styphnate exist. Lead styphnate is a VERY SENSITIVE explosive and its synthesis should be performed only by professionals working under laboratory conditions.

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Lead Styphnate (2,4,6-Trinitrobenzene-1,3-diol, lead salt) Laboratory Synthesis: INTRODUCTION: Lead Styphnate is currently one of the most widely used initiating compounds (this is expected to change in the near future due to the toxity of lead); it is used in most bullet primers and blasting caps to sensitize Lead Azide, which would not otherwise be reliably initiated from the impact with the gun hammer, or would .

Lead styphnate sythesis
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