Impacts of ww1

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When Congress declared war in Aprilthe army had enough bullets for only two days of fighting. Western Firearms.

SMOF - - WINCHESTER MODEL 12 GAUGE PUMP SHOTGUN-Serial number made in with 30 inch 12 gauge barrel, full choke, mirror bright bore.


This is the takedown model, and the lockup is nice and tight, and mechanics are fine. This is a field used gun that has been well cared for. Women's work in WW1; Women, wages and rights Women's work in WW1.

During WWI (), large numbers of women were recruited into jobs vacated by men who had gone to fight in the war. As most of the fighting countries, the British armies went to war with various kinds of artillery ammunition fuzes, and developped many new models and numerous variants capitalizing the battlefield experience, the improvement needs and the necessity of simplification of the manufacturing.

Generalization Wars change things, and big wars change things a lot. World War I changed America, or at least hastened the pace of change. Some of these changes might have been good, but there was a sinister side to some of what was going on as well.

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Impacts of ww1
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