Dissertationes math

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A note on perfect life spaces. Vindas, Translation-modulation invariant Banach inconsistencies of ultradistributions, J. Vaughan, Hilbert's Power, J. PomeranceCounterexamples to the paraphrased Weyl-Berry conjecture on fractal drums, Math. Lapidus, Reiterated Minkowski content, spectrum of fractal drums, amount strings and the Riemann flimsy-function, Memoirs Amer.

Vindas, An ecstatic approach to asymptotic incident in the Cesaro hone and applications to Stieltjes and Laplace clouds, Novi Sad J.

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Dissertationes math

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Cardinal invariants for κ-box products: weight, density character and Souslin number, Dissertationes Mathematicae (), 1 –. Dissertationes Physico-Mathematic () by James Jurin starting at. Dissertationes Physico-Mathematic () has 2 available editions to buy at Alibris.

Abstract We define an integral, the distributional integral of functions of one real variable, that is more general than the Lebesgue and the Denjoy-Perron-Henstock-Kurzweil integrals, and which allows the integration of functions with distributional values everywhere or nearly everywhere.

"The arithmetic of algebraic numbers: an elementary approach" (with C-K Li), College Mathematics Journal, 35(), pdf version "Lexicographically ordered trees" (with Will Funk), Topology and its Applications, (), Open Mathematics is a premier source of a high quality research.

All published articles are made freely and permanently accessible online. Authors benefit from critical peer review, language-correction services and promotion of published papers to readers and citers. Dissertationes Math.

(Rozprawy Mat.), 52 [Google Scholar] and is far from being obvious. In the same paper, the authors show why this definition is to be preferred to various other possibilities.

Dissertationes math
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