An historical even i would love to witness

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What Great Event In History Would You Witness If You Could Go Back In Time?

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10 Fascinating Last Witnesses To Historic Events

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What It's Like To Witness 'History In The Making' In The Same Room As Hillary Clinton

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You must write your choice.

What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed or participated in?

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10 Most Important Historical Events That Changed the World Forever

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I wouldn’t like to go back in time myself (the past is a dangerous place) but I would like to send Keith Olberman and a cameraman back to interview a few people.

Top 5 events in History, I would love to witness 1:Alexander expedition to Ancient Punjab During BC, Alexander had come conquering various territories on his way all the way from Greece.

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Jun 20,  · Which historical event would you like to witness watch.

History from the Witness Stand: An Interview with George Chauncey

Announcements. Even though the Soviet photographer added smoke to the background to add to the drama of this now historic shot. I still would have wished to have been personally present at what must have been an truly exhilarating moment, which ended-up symbolizing Soviet victory.

Aug 01,  · Best Answer: the original olympics. hands down. seeing all those muscular romans running, and jumping, and throwing and WRESTLING. ok, thats a little dirty, lol if not that, then it would be a third party view of how the world really formed either by creationism or the "big bang" or whatever that way i could come back and tell everyone and that mystery would be solved Resolved.

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An historical even i would love to witness
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