A biography of marco polo an venetian explorer

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Marco Polo Timeline

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Marco Polo. Short Biography, facts and interesting information about Marco Polo the life story of the famous historical explorer of the Middle Ages. Ferdinand Magellan: Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese navigator and explorer who sailed under the flags of both Portugal and Spain.

From Spain he sailed around South America, discovering the Strait of Magellan, and across the Pacific. Though he was killed in the Philippines, one of his ships continued westward to Spain, completing the first. Find out more about the voyages of Florentine explorer Amerigo Vespucci, including how his exploration of the New World led him to become America's namesake, at video-accident.com "Framed by the story of how Marco Polo and Rustichello da Pisa wrote the famed travelogue while they were imprisoned in Genoa, this title is the latest take on the oft-adapted Il Milione, or The Travels of Marco Polo.

Republic of Venice

Marco Polo Timeline () The life of this famous explorer and his travels to China His birth, family and education His work for the Kublai Khan. Born into a noble family of Venetian merchants, Marco Polo began his long experience with Cathay through the adventures of his father, Niccolo, and his uncle, Maffeo Polo, partners in a trading operation at a time when Venice was the world leader in foreign commerce.

A biography of marco polo an venetian explorer
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